More about will help you better serve your customers and spend more time on their needs, but not for minor for your business activities. Our services are located on the Net. Their use does not require installation and configuration of hardware and software components in advance, neither the arrangement of 24/7 broadband Internet connectivity for your servers. Browse proposed, ready for use, tiny applications, register for free and test our small programs. If you find there are useful for you and your business, you can continue to use them after trial period for a small amount monthly fee. runs in the cloud, on secure servers. You do not need to care about anything of technical matter. You do not need an IT department. Forget about damaged hard drives, for computers infected with viruses, for the lost mobile devices. Our service is really reliable. You can count on us. All users in your group need only a web browser, no matter on what device desktop pc, notebook, tablet or smartphone. Web browser - that's all you need.

We are trying to keep our tiny applications as simple as possible. We are strong believers that things should be kept simple, clear and easy to use. You do not need a long manuals to use our programs.

You need only one account to use our applications, but if you need more refined credentials separation you can create for every used by you application separate admins, users and guests. There is no limit how many users you will have under you master account.

You do not need to sign any kind of contract to use our tiny applications you should simply agree with our terms of use. Our applications can be used for a fixed monthly fee. Each application has his own price policy. Some of them you can use forever free of charge. After initial subscription for a paid application you will receive a 30 days free of charge trial period to test it an to decide is it useful for you and your business. During this period you can pay at any time and continue to use this tiny app as long as you wish. If you do not pay during test period or you do not renew your subscription after some period of paid use your service is put on lock and you cannot use them any more, but all of you data in this program is intact and you can renew subscription in any moment next 12 mounts. One year after locking you application we will archive it and we will delete it from online database. After this moment you can contact us to receive your data at any way convenient for you. This will cost you a reasonable fee which will cover our cost of holding, processing and shipping your data.

Our goal is to always be fair and reasonable with our clients, if you have some arguments against some of our policies, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your concerns.