The home of tiny apps will help you better serve your customers and spend more time on their needs, but not for minor for your business activities. Our services are located on the Net. Their use does not require installation and configuration of hardware and software components in advance. Browse proposed ready for use tiny applications, register for free and test our small programs. If you find there are useful for you and your business, you can continue using them after trial period for a small amount monthly fee.

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We create them for your convenience

Only the most important features

We create them to be easy for use. Without unnecessary features. You will not need a user manual to use them. You will not pay for something you will never use.

They are ready for use instantly

There is no need to order the development of the software you need. Not having to buy hardware and arrange Internet connectivity for it and pay for their installation and maintenance.

Your data are on safe place

You are protected from damaged hard drives and infected computers. We care for your data and for you always to have access to them from anywhere.

Use them on any of your devices

They are made to be used on any device that can access the Net. You can work on your computer or open them on your tablet or smartphone.

We serve customers of our clients!

Every visitor of our site can make an appointment in calendar of our client or book a table in the restaurant of our client. Just search for him in our database.

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Need help or have an idea? Write us! You just want to share something related to what we do? Write us! Your opinion is very important for us. It inspires us to move forward and to improve programs we offer.